Man On Doodie - Professional Dog Waste Removal Service  (513) 325-8571
Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do you service?

Man on Doodie provides weekly service to our clients.  We can come as often as you like.  Just pick the service that works best for you.  **See Rates

How is service started?

Call (513) 325-8571 to arrange service.  One of our employees will gather information about your dogs and your yard, and we will set up
a service day for you.

Do I have to be home when you service?

No.  If you are not home, we will introduce ourselves to your dogs.  If you ARE home, we'll be happy to talk with you about your dogs, and cover any special concerns you may have.

Does my dog need to be inside when you service my yard?

Not necessarily.  The information you give us about your dogs during sign-up will let us know what is required to service your yard.

Where do you put the waste?

We triple-bag it, tie it securely and place in your garbage can.
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